Plastic Garden Pots and Trays Recycling

Recycling Plastic Pots & Trays

Recycling Plastic Pots & Trays: Botanical Garden Collections Daily from April 22 through September 30

WHAT: Plastic Pot Recycling

WHEN: 9 am to 5 pm daily, April 22 – September 30

WHERE: West parking lot of the Monsanto Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden, 4500 Shaw Blvd. at Vandeventer; For a complete list of satellite collection centers throughout the metro area, visit Plastic Pot Recycling at Missouri Botanical Garden.

INFO: (314) 577-9440 & Plastic Pot Recycling at Missouri Botanical Garden

Area gardeners planting flowers to beautify a landscape have somewhere to turn to ensure their leftover plastic pots don’t do the opposite. Help reduce the amount of horticultural waste in landfills by recycling your plastic garden pots, polystyrene cell packs and trays at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Plastic Pot Recycling will be offered from 9 am to 5 pm daily from April 22nd through September 30th.

The Garden’s effort is now in its ninth year. “The horticultural waste stream represents over 350 million pounds pitched into our landfills annually,” said program founder Dr. Steven Cline, manager of The Kemper Center for Home Gardening. “The Garden is pleased to offer this service again to area gardeners, closing the recycling loop by turning collected waste into new plastic landscape timbers for building retaining walls or replacing deteriorated railroad ties.”

Program organizers hope to expand upon the successful collection of 150,000 pounds in 2008 of horticultural plastic this year. Proceeds from the sale of plastic regrind will be used to sustain the annual collection.

Horticultural plastic will be accepted at the Garden’s main collection facility located at the west parking lot of the Monsanto Center, 4500 Shaw Blvd. at the corner of Vandeventer.

Several satellite stations around the region will also be accepting materials. For a location near you, visit Plastic Pot Recycling at Missouri Botanical Garden.

Horticultural plastic accepted includes cell packs, trays, pots of all sizes and hanging baskets. Please shake soil and rocks out of containers and remove all metal hangers, rings or other foreign materials. Garden edging, plastic sheeting materials and food plastic will not be accepted.

For more information on Plastic Pot Recycling, call (314) 577-9440 during regular business hours or visit Plastic Pot Recycling at Missouri Botanical Garden.


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