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Save Water, Plant a Dry Garden

By Steffie Littlefield Now it’s hot and dry just like every summer in St Louis and you look at your perennial border and a few sturdy souls stand out. You know the ones that don’t have wilted singed foliage, who … Continue reading

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Top 6 Tips for Good Tree Health

Since we have the world’s best arborists descending upon St Louis this month, we thought we’d check in with some of the local talent to get some advice on keeping trees healthy in the St Louis area. Here are 5 … Continue reading

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Peppers are HOT (or NOT)!

By Mara Higdon Native to the Americas, peppers are a common vegetable used in cooking. High in vitamin C, peppers are available fresh or dried from scorching hot to your basic sweet bell. With Missouri’s hot summer weather, they are … Continue reading

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